~Wisdom Wednesday Wine of the Week~

June 20,2018 – Wisdom Wednesday Wine of the Week brings a new product into Gallery of Wines ~ St. Mayhem Craft Wine Coolers!

SPCY LIL F K R is a Kick Ass Sauvignon Blanc with fresh, hand-cut jalapeno & habaneros peppers throw into the tank. They strain off the peppers, thrown in bubbles and seal it in a can. Yes, it is Spicy. Yes, it will make you hungry. Alc. 13.1% by vol. 2 pack is available for under $12

Ginger Loves Company is the best chardonnay grown; organic ginger and the perfect amount of peaches make this thirst quenching, flavored and fun. Alc. 14.1% by vol. 4 pack is available for under $20.

Tao of Mint is a fizzy blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc with organic fresh mint leaves, pureed raspberry and organic Matcha Tea. Its creators call it “the love child between a Rosé and a Mojito”. Alc. 13.0% by vol. 2 pack is available for under $12.

They’re perfect for your outdoor activities. Good things come in small packages.